www.morningstate.com was the website of a band called morning state from both Athens and Atlanta. Russ Ledford was the driving force that had written many songs in approx 2004. They first rehearsed in an attic owned by Dave Williams. This was by all accounts a very cramped and tight space. As the band practised more and the distance between the band members was worked around morning state became a solid band.

2006 saw them release an EP called Retreat and in 2007 they signed a record deal with a record label in Atlanta. Unfortunately this record label was forced to foreclose due to financial constraints. It was after this that they recorded an album with a friend Asa Leffer and this was entitled “You know people I know people” This was 2008.  It is not thought that morning state to date have release a subsequent album. They were considered one of Atlanta’s most promising bands and many people are eagerly awaiting when they will tour again. You can find out more about this great band on my space.

A terrible state in the morning

I was recently going to attend a gig in my local town. The band was a local band and I had seen their rock antics a few times before. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I got out of the car when I reached the town. I had planned to leave the car there and get a taxi back and then get a lift the next morning so that I could safely have a few drinks. As I got out of the car and I locked the car thereon the back seat was our family cat “morning”. He must have climbed into the car earlier that day when the door had been left open. He was totally undisturbed by the whole event sleeping away as cats do so much of the time. Had I not noticed him he would remained in the car for a good twelve hours plus. It got me thinking that lost cats is such a wide spread occurrence. A pet owners worst nightmare is having lost pets on their minds. Luckily I spotted morning in time. As well as the cat I dread to think what state the car would have been in when I returned.